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I am a servant leader who is a hard worker, dedicated and determined individual that believes in team work.  I am excited and humbled by this opportunity to join my mentor, Delegate Cheryl D. Glenn, in Annapolis as another agent for change in the 45th Legislative District.  As an educator, licensed professional clinical counselor, and a life-long resident of the 45th Legislative District, I can relate and identify personally and professionally with the many challenges plaguing our communities and our city at-large.

Sharon has lived the majority of her life in the 45th Legislative District of Baltimore City.  She considers herself humbly blessed to be experiencing such a rewarding journey.  Growing up off North Avenue on a small street known as Durham with her mother Daisy and her sisters (Cookie, Regina, and Shavon). She remembers a childhood that was filled with love, fun, and struggle.  She grew up poor, living below the poverty line according to statistics.  Fortunately, like many others that grew up with her, they did not know they were poor.  She recalls her mother hard at work and a caring community played a major part in coming to this conclusion.  

Sharon was educated in the schools within her district: (Rutland Elementary, Clifton Park, Jr. High and Paul Laurence Dunbar High School. Before graduating high school, Sharon was blessed with a son. She is delighted to share that she and her son have lived in a number of locations throughout the 45th district but she holds dear her first apartment at 1712 N. Broadway at the age of 20.  Five years later Sharon purchased a home in the Belair Edison Community where she currently resides.  Sharon's journey has permitted her to learn, experience, see, achieve and accomplish much.  For she embraces "For whom much is given, much is required."  

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To whom much is given...Much is required!

Living life on purpose...and prepared for such a time as this.

Peace and blessings to us All! β€‹

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